Mike Laster for District F


Mike has experience fighting for District F

Mike Laster has been a tireless, passionate fighter for District F and its residents, and as council member he will make sure District F gets the attention it deserves. Mike knows the community and knows the challenges we face:

Public Safety
Mike will make expanding and increasing funding for the Houston Police Department and Houston Fire Department his top priority.

Infrastructure Investment
Mike will work to maintain and improve district roads, water lines, sewers and all public facilities.

Business and Commercial Development
Mike will encourage and promote business development in the district to keep our community growing for future generations.

Quality Constituent Services
Mike will monitor the regular, successful implementation of district services like trash collection, neighborhood protection and animal control.

As a civic leader with over a decade of activity and experience in District F, Mike has the understanding and the ability to protect the community’s interests and move us forward. Mike will never stop working for District F.

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